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The Benefits of Installing Surge Protection for Your Business

Electrical surges are unpredictable and often completely out of your control. Surges can be caused by lightening, power lines that are down and poor electrical wiring. A power surge increases the voltage of power traveling through wires and can result in overheating or even burning wires. This can be costly damage to expensive electronic equipment. You can protect your business with a surge protector. Here are some of the benefits.

Save Money

If a surge occurs and you have not protected your business, you may be left with damaged electronics. This could include computers, phones, televisions, appliances or even air conditioning units. Replacing these things can be costly to your business.

Cheap Insurance

A surge protector can serve as an inexpensive insurance in protecting your electronics from damage.

No Down Time

Businesses that do not have surge protection could lose a lot of time in the event of a surge. With the loss of electronics, these businesses would have to wait for the replacements, losing precious work time. This can be avoided with surge protection.
Protecting the electronics of your business can save you both time and money in the event of a power surge. Contact Nicotri Electric, Inc. at 225-929-9867 to learn more about getting surge protection for your business.