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Hiring Sub-Contractors to Build Your Home? What to Look for in an Electrician

In construction, the business owner usually has a full line of contractors at their beck and call to complete specific parts of the project. These will be contractors they work with on a regular basis or even that are intermittently employed by the company. However, when you decide to step into the role of foreman for your own home-building project, finding all the subcontractors you need can prove to be a challenge, even when it comes to hiring an electrician.
Even though hiring an electrician is usually not a big deal, hiring one specifically for the process of home construction can be a little bit different. This person will likely handle everything from installing primary wiring to hanging light fixtures. There are a few things you should look for in an electrical contractor when you oversee your own home-building project. 

Look for Proper Credentials 

There's a pretty sizable difference between the average electrician who is capable of coming to your home to tackle a problem and an electrician who has the prior experience and skill set to help you install electrical wiring and components throughout your new home. This person must possess knowledge about electrical processes, of course, but they also must have some ideas on electrical diagrams, engineering and setups.
To make sure you find the right electrician or electrician service, you may have to put a little effort into your search. The Federal Trade Commission recommends that you: 
  • Do your research
  • Ask questions
  • Get estimates
In addition, look for a contractor who can give you references of prior new-construction experience. Plus, you should always ensure the electrician you choose is fully insured because this person will be spending a substantial amount of time on your property.

Look for Flexibility 

An electrician will be needed for several different phases of the building process, but they may not always be needed for the duration of the project every day. For example, an electrician will need to be on site to install the electrical panel and main wiring in the beginning, but then they may not be needed until more work is completed. Because an electrician is needed at different times during the project as certain phases are completed, you need an electrician who is flexible.
You need to know up front that the professional you hire will be available at different points in the construction process. Plus, having an electrician who has enough time to go over your ideas, such as where you want the most outlets or specific lighting choices you have in mind, is a major necessity. 

Look for Adequate Staffing 

There are numerous electricians who work as a one-man or one-woman operation, meaning they are the sole proprietor of their business and don't have employees. During electrical work for a new home construction, there will be several processes that could take more than one person to tackle, such as:
  • Running wiring through the home
  • Implementing wiring, outlets and fixtures on the home's exterior
  • Installing overhead lighting 
You should ask about work hands and fellow contractors and if this is something the electrician or electrical service can provide. It is much better for the chosen contractor in this scenario to bring along with them their own sub-contractors or employees instead of you having to seek out more than one electrician to hire. 
When your home construction is over and you are living in your new home, you need to know that the electrical work that was done is satisfactory and safe. This can only happen if you pick the right electrician during the home-building process. If you need an electrical service for your home build, reach out to us at Nicotri Electric, Inc.